Current arrangements due to CoronaVirus:

all physical gatherings are


But we can still BE church.

We can communicate over a variety of media, worship privately and look out for neighbours.

[1] From Morn to Night daily prayers, support and encouragement is shared by all through our WhatsApp support group.

[2] Rev Nick our pastor offers a 7-10 minutes mid-day prayer reflection on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can tune in via our Tweeter feed.

[3] Wednesday Fellowship Prayer. We can’t meet but we’re inviting folk everywhere to pause and pray wherever they are for 30 minutes, from 11:00 to 11:30, for people and the world.

[4] Our Sunday Worship is held through our WhatsApp support group, and offered to all through the use of Adobe Spark, linked into our Twitter feed.

Other forms of collective worship are being considered and made available on this website in due course.

Normally our Sundays look like…

There’s only one Sunday each week, so make it special with worship.

Our Sunday Service is open to all, happening every week from 10:30am.

You … 

  • don’t need to wear posh clothes
  • don’t need to be ‘good’
  • just need to be you

We …

  • are not very traditional
  • aim to be toddler friendly and child caring
  • aim to welcome you with love

We trust God as the God who changes lives & pray that you too will know His amazing grace & powerful love making your life better.

Current newsletter:

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