Current arrangements due to CoronaVirus:

physical gatherings re-start Sunday 20th September

Our current prayer and worship events as we continue to celebrate & share the good news in Christ Jesus.

[1] From Morn to Night daily prayers, support and encouragement is shared through our WhatsApp support group.

[2] Wednesday Prayer. Inviting you to a 30 minute morning pause between 11:00 to 11:30 to pray for all in need, the world and yourself. Followed by a new style online mid-week reflection, wef July 1st from 1:00ish  – see our Twitter feed.

[3] Sunday Worship at 10:30 am: is held both through WhatsApp, and offered to all through the use of Adobe Spark, linked into our Twitter feed.


Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm we invite you to join in a time of nationwide prayer – see the link here:

Normally our Sundays look like…

There’s only one Sunday each week, so make it special with worship.

Our Sunday Service is open to all, happening every week from 10:30am.

You … 

  • don’t need to wear posh clothes
  • don’t need to be ‘good’
  • just need to be you

We …

  • are not very traditional
  • aim to be toddler friendly and child caring
  • aim to welcome you with love

We trust God as the God who changes lives & pray that you too will know His amazing grace & powerful love making your life better.

Current newsletter:

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