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What we Believe Cross

Our Church is in the mainstream of the Christian faith and tradition. We belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Heart of England Baptist Association and the Evangelical Alliance. We share in joint activities with all the Churches in Polesworth and we are linked to Tamworth Covenanting Churches.

Letís start by putting our beliefs in a straightforward way:

God loves every one of us and offers us a personal relationship with him.

If you would like more detail, please read on!

We believe that God loves each one of us as an individual. We were meant to enjoy an intimate relationship with God. This relationship is broken by our failure to live in Godís ways. The result is a ďgapĒ in our lives, sometimes expressed a search for meaning, purpose or love. God sent his son Jesus Christ to live as a human being just like us. Through his perfect life and his death on the cross for our sakes, we can be forgiven for everything we have done wrong. By receiving Godís forgiveness and becoming followers of Jesus, we can experience peace, a personal relationship with God and a sense of belonging in his family. This relationship, made possible by Godís presence with us through the Holy Spirit, brings meaning to our lives and is the promise of acceptance by God in the life to come.

So much for the theory; what does it mean in practice?

As part of Godís family, we share together in worship, friendship and service. This is always open to others. Jesus calls his followers to share his forgiveness, love and care with other people. We express this in our Church Statement:

Sharing Jesus in Word and Action.

There is a place for you, whatever your stage of faith

Polesworth Baptist Church
The Gullet, Polesworth, Warwickshire, B78 1HH
Telephone The Minister: 01827 894728
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