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Pastor Nick Nicholas

Pastor's Page

April, 2019

Catching Up

If you are a new visitor you will see that our seating is not arranged in traditional rows. There are some but we've also re-jigged the seating to introduce a craft table at the front and a seating square space for toddlers and their parents/grandparents. This has been really helpful. The Lord gifting us with some parents/grandparents/babies and toddlers. And by His grace having experienced our
acceptance of their babies/toddlers [bravo to the church] the parents have begun to invite their friends, and their toddlers. Of course you can never be sure who will turn up but we can have up to 6 toddlers & babies [or of course none].

At present sadly we do not have enough helpers to run a separate creche, so the children remain in during the service which can make for a lively (and sometimes less than peaceful) time)! We do not discourage the toddlers crawling/toddling out of their square, though we do keep an eye on them so they don’t leave the building and put themselves at risk. We leave it to the parents to decide if they want to sit in the room at the back or stay in the square or join in the craftwork. Over time the children seem to be adjusting to the chance to craft rather than wander - but that is age tc dependent.

There is a potential for distraction of adults during the 'sermon' which (we feel) is a challenge worth living with for the sake of the blessing of children and unavoidable in the short to medium term
while the children grow. We pray that the Lord will send us more children's workers and equip us to develop a wider range of appropriate 'sunday school' capabilities.

Having a craft table at the front has worked so well that we have also had to think about other ways to engage all the children - some of whom are primary school age - in the worship. We are trying to do this by encouraging the children to stay with their parents/in the square for the very first part of the service ( opening notices, worship, and an interactive children's message / story, follow-up song & offering time) before they go to the craft table. This is still developing.

For the children's message / story we've found its easier to engage with the children by encouraging them and parents to move to the space/seated area in front of the piano. This can also involve the
non- parent adults, who now mainly sit on that side. During this first part we also try to have one hymn/song in which the children/everyone can use the instruments [which are then returned to
their box] and we also have some flags which can be used with impromptu marching, dancing, etc in an appropriate song - generally later in the service.

Our building can get a bit cramped and our service can feel a little chaotic when we have our 3rd Sunday Parade Service, as we try to mix activities for adults, growing older children and toddlers. Our walls make a natural limit to our numbers but God’s love cant be so constrained. Reflecting on how can we best face this wonderful challenge at this time we have started a monthly Parade Service experiment which shapes the service into these three parts:

1st part – all together, from Opening Welcome through Gospel Time
2nd part- following the Gospel Time older children [3+] are invited to share in age-relevant, service-themed activities in the Church Hall across the road. Parents, grandparents and general Brigades staff remaining.
3rd part – older children return for the closing worship, and can share what they’ve been doing. We’re then all together for refreshments,

We have kept keep the church seating arranged with toddler square. And parents/grandparents can opt to retain their children in the church service. Happy to receive views on how this is working out.

We’ve also repaired the loop system, thanks to the kindness of Keith from St Mary’s Atherston.

Blessings all, Nick


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Updated April 15th, 2019
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