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Latest News

Sanctuary Don't forget Hallowe'en is this month, and our alternative Light Night event, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. With Jester Jim & Hazy Dazy

You may be able to come, you may not, but either way please pray that the eyes of those who do come and donít know Christ Jesus will be opened, so they will see the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ and turn to Him.

Farewell to Mary Dimbleby:

Maryís association with Polesworth Baptist Church began after her marriage to Brian in July 1969. While being brought up as a Methodist, after moving to Birchmoor Road, she began to be a regular worshipper here and soon after was baptised in our church, becoming a member.

Until 1974, when Mary and Brian had their eldest son, Peter, she was very busy as a Sunday School Teacher, Girls Brigade Captain and Church organist. When Martin was born in 1976, Mary concentrated on being a mum, before returning to teaching, in Primary Schools.

Itís been a lifelong dream of Maryís to live by the seaside. In recent years she was able to take regular breaks in Weymouth, where she found a friendly church and a goodly setting for her spiritual giftings. And now it seems right to Mary, and to her sense of Godís will for her, to make a new beginning by moving to Weymouth.

We shall miss her greatly, she is the longest serving person in our Church. But she promises to stay in touch, to keep us up to date with her news and to pray for us. May God bless Mary in this new venture.

May God the Father of peace
bring His peace to your new home.
May Christ Jesus, the Prince of peace,
bring His peace to you in your new town.
May the Holy Spirit, the bearer of peace
bring His peace to you in your new life.

May the One True God, the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit be with you now
and bless you forever. Amen.

Many thanks

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Our Church reflection weekend on the 8th to the 10th June was very well attended and very encouraging as began a process of looking together at what we are as a church. We were able to see some of the ways in which we are blessed and some of how we are needy. Like the Church we read about in Acts C2 we have our strengths and weaknesses. In follow-up deacons discussion we agreed to hold a further Reflection event in October, concentrating in how we do our Sunday worship, building on the good things we do and how we can make it even better to the glory of God.

Bernard Cockrill
Sadly, one of our long-serving members Bernard Cockrill died on the 30th April. At his funeral on the 25th May we celebrated his Christian life, from Sunday School onwards, in which he was taught by a very good and interesting teacher.

When he was 10 the teacher gave out 'decision' cards to sign, if they accepted the Lord and he did. Two years later, aged 12 he went to see a wonderful passion play - that's the history of the events leading up to Jesus' crucifxion on Good Friday. During the play there was an overhead storm, then the lights went out and the lightning and the thunder during the performance made him feel he was there at the cruci?xion! Then he travelled home on the bus, '?oating on air' - it was such a powerful experience!

He met his wife, Amy, at Sheldon Gospel Hall whilst he was playing the organ and the young people were singing after the evening service. Sadly Amy became stricken with diabetes which led to her relatively early death after 33 years of marriage. But Bernard never gave up his daily Bible study and continued for as long as he could to be part oa worshipping community. What a faithful servant.

The Church was again at the Polesworth Carnival on the 7th July and this time with Mark Harrington, a Christian magician who joined us with a busker style comedy magic that built up to a gospel message.


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