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Sunday Services Congregation

for December, 2018

Sunday 9th 10:30am Rev Nick our Pastor. Children's time. Communion Christ is coming! are you ready
Sunday 16th 10:30 am Rev Nick our Pastor. Children's time. family worship Christmas Hope
4:00pm Messy Church Nativity Re-enacting the story
Sunday 23rd 10:30 am Rev Nick our Pastor. Children's time. Communion. Prayer for healing Trust and go with God
6:00pm Rev Nick our Pastor. Carols with candlelight It is what it says but it aint 9 lessons!
Sunday 25th 10:30am Rev Nick our Pastor. 45 minutes or so Happy Birthday Jesus
Sunday 30th 10:30am Rev Nick our Pastor Jesus: He found us now we lose Him!

Our Sunday Service is open to all

You donít need to wear posh clothes.

You donít need to be Ďgoodí.

You just need to be you.

We are not very traditional.

We aim to be toddler friendly

and child caring.

We aim to welcome you with love.

We trust God as the God who changes lives & pray that you too will know His amazing grace & powerful love making your life better.

Polesworth Baptist Church
The Gullet, Polesworth, Warwickshire, B78 1HH
Telephone The Minister: 01827 912821
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Updated December 11th, 2018
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