The Baptist Union has published a series of booklets on DNA or the Basics of Being A Baptist.

Sadly they are no longer available in print but can be downloaded from the Baptist Union Website in pdf format from the link box.

Baptist Union Resources

Or you can get individual ones below (see the bottom of the page for useful printing instructions).

PRINT ALERT. If you want to print them on A4 size paper the best approach is:

[1] to download them as they are

[2] open them in your pdf reader, such as Adobe [other pdf readers are also available] [3] go to print

[4] if you want to print them back to back, using the whole page and not using lots expensive colour ink then choose the following settings:

4.1 select Current page and go through 1 page at a time – printing the next page back to back or choose either the odd or the even numbers NOT All

4.2 select Print greyscale [black and white]

4.3 select Fit for the size options

4.4 check you have A4 paper loaded

4.5 print your page[s] then choose the next page or the even/odd numbers depending on 4.1 [ but dont rush it, do a test page to make sure you are printing the pages in the right order.

With apologies to all for whom such stuff is second nature.