We believe that God loves the whole world and every person, indeed His entire creation. And that He made us all to enjoy a close, intimate relationship with Himself. But, we broke the relationship with Him by our unwillingness to trust Him. So instead of becoming all that what we were made to be, we became less.

We are wounded with sickness, we do things that are bad for others, the world – for our distrust also damaged creation – and for our ourselves. Even as we try to do and be good we also hurt others & the world. We yearn for a true love that will last for ever, and for a life that will never die. In short we live a proper messed up life!

But God still loves us and He has not left us to stew in the mess we made. He planned a way to heal what we had broken and restore us to knowing Him in love, joy and peace, not just in this life but for always. He did not ‘wave a magic wand’ answer but got involved in the nitty-gritty of our lives. How God did that is the theme of the Bible. The climax of which is the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, leading on to the setting up of the Church to be God’s people telling the world about Jesus. In a plan of shared loved Jesus, who is God with God, came to live with us as man with man and to die for us! [see God the Trinity]

Jesus freely exchanged His life for ours, so we might give ours to God, and so come home to true life. This is called repentance. God confirms our new relationship with Him in baptism [or simple profession of faith]. In this we affirm that we will live a new life in Jesus, and enter into God’s family, the Church. So you can see that becoming a Christian is not matter of doing your own faith thing, nor is it ‘going to church’ for Sunday worship. Rather it is committing your life to walk in the way of Christ Jesus, in the family of the Church, and the lively power of the Holy Spirit, to the gory of God the Father. It means belonging to a people living God’s way in and by sharing Jesus in Word and Action.