Let’s read the Bible!

This series began in September 2018, as a way to help and encourage church members and friends read the Bible.

It’s been offered in various ways. But it’s prime purpose is to encourage reading the Bible as the true word of God. A True God – that is One who is reliable in purpose, fit for trust and honest in relationship – who truly, that is genuinely without deceit and lies, has committed Himself to us in being, purpose, and activity, and wants the absolute best for our lives.

To that end it encourages people to read the Bible with a faith- focused mind.

Christians are called to love God first and foremost. The only way to love someone is to know them. The most direct route to knowing God is reading His word to us.

We are also to transform our minds, so we cease to conform with the thinking of the world. If we dont have a sense of what the Bible is saying – the His-Story it is written to tell us – we will remain imprisoned as Christians in the secular, and even atheistic worldviews that our faith is meant to free us from.

Of course there are parts we won’t understand, but what really counts is how we respond to what we do understand. And there are parts we may disagree with, which may lead us to reject the whole. This is a natural response, flowing from our fallenness, but it’s not a holy nor a loving response. Ultimately we read the Bible in surrender to the Lord, not in judgement of Him. Where and if we find stuff we don’t like let’s not turn away from Him but rather turn back to Him, asking for help, wisdom and trust

Nick, April 2019

In the beginning…
looking at creation
Discovering Jesus
in John 1
What is it all about?
The Psalms
Psalm 127
Some tips –
part 1
Some tips –
part 2
Through the whole
Bible in a year
God, the Old
Testament and Us