Date Bible passage Preacher Audio file(s)
6th October 2019 Luke 17:1-4, 1 Thessalonians 4:13 Audio 1, Audio 2
29th September 2019 Luke 16:19-31, Micah 6:8 Audio 1Audio 2
21st July 2019 Luke 10:25-37 Nick Nicholas Sermon

Our apologies for the occasional glitch.

The missing word in completing the statement ‘There’s a word for this…’ is ‘discipleship’

14th July 2019 Luke 10:1-24 Nick Nocholas Part 1 (children’s sketch), Part 2
23rd June 2019 Luke 8:26-39 Nick Nicholas Part 1Part 2

Our talks and reflections are inspired by personal experience and the Holy Spirit as well as by many commentaries, whose exposition may emerge through the lens of reflection and which cannot therefore always be easily credited. But for those who would like to know, here is list of commentaries on Luke that may be referenced:

  • The 2 Volume Anchor Bible on by J B Fitzmeyer
  • The 3 Volume Word Biblical Commentary by John Nolland
  • The 2 Volume Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament by Darrel Bock
  • The 2 Volume Expository Thoughts by J C Ryle
  • The 3 Volume Harmony of Matthew, Mark and Luke by John Calvin
  • Trinity Press International New Testament Commentary by C F Evans
  • New International Biblical Commentary by Craig A Evans
  • The New Century Bible Commentary by E Earle Ellis
  • The Good News according to Luke by Eduard Schweizer
  • Luke for Everyone by Tom Wright
  • The Daily Study Bible Revised Edition by William Barclay
  • The 1 Volume edition of Matthew Henry’s Commentary
  • The Wiersbe Bible Commentary [NT] Warren W. Wiersbe.