Below is a letter we’ve received from Richard and Mary Parker on the Western Africa mission. We wanted to share it with everyone so they could experience the joy being brought to others around the world through our Mission program.

Greetings to everyone back home!

We’re writing to give an update on the success we’ve had in the recent weeks. It’s exciting and hard work, but we’re thankful for every opportunity. Recently the church has started a new project, “Community Fostering Families”, to bring together families. The project’s purpose is to train up and resource church members and leaders to provide family support for children and adults who have been left unsupported by their own families due to sickness or death. The goal is for a number of churches in the district to seek ways to help families affected by sickness, and to offer this in very practical ways. The idea is for individual churches to take on a form of family foster care and to see this as a long-term commitment to families until they are able to support themselves once more. The aim is that this project will become self sustaining, as the participating churches become good role models for other churches, and as they seek ways to raise the finances needed from within local church and community.

Ten churches from the outlying regions are participating in this project. Each participating church will then select 5 members from within the church who will commit to receive training in community awareness and care of people, home based care, and general education. This project is being funded by a church in the capital for 3 years. The first year the project is fully funded and the next 2 years the funding decreases to 80% and the 3rd year they will fund 50%. It is then up to the communities to provide self funding and resources.

We’re so excited to be a part of this and for all of you back home helping to make it possible.

Richard and Mary Parker

Please share your comments, well wishes and prayers with Richard and Mary in the comments area below. We will make sure your messages make it to them while they are on their journey.